Environmental Issues

Until six years ago, Wisconsin was a leader in environmental protection and responsible use of resources. Since then, the laws we've had for years have been disassembled and the oversight mechanisms seriously cut.

Our state is under threat from pipeline expansion, frac-sand mining, and corporate high capacity wells. that destroy our precious lakes and riverbeds.

The risk of silicosis because of frac-sand mining is rising. These sand particles may be in the air our families and our children are breathing. But, by the time we detect lung impairment it's too late because we can't feel lung damage happening. This means we need to preempt the dangers of frac-sand mining. But local control has been taken away by Republicans in Madison.

If our water supply continues to drop, we are all affected. A low water table will affect our ability to maintain our farm crops and stifles our boating and fishing tourism while pipeline contamination to our water affects all of us and especially our children.

Our water resources above and below ground are the life-blood of farmers. When we have a strong, profitable farming community, it filters down to our towns and villages. That translates to more money for stores and other businesses, and the ability to keep a nearby medical facility open and to maintain a good education for our young future farmers.

It's time to question why Republicans have taken away our common-sense local control and handed it over to large corporations.

Why isn't Madison working to protect us?

With my background as a master's-prepared nurse, I have read the research about poor water quality and how harmful it is to individuals--especially children.  I never want to see a disaster like the water in Flint, or a severe drought, as they are experiencing in California.

Our land. Our kids. Our Future. Let me be our representative!