Elizabeth Riley is OUR Representative on the important issues facing Northwest Wisconsin

Our Land

Elizabeth Riley:

  • Supports local control of shore land development
  • Will protect our water and land
  • Understands the impact of high capacity wells
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Her Opponent Has:

  • Voted against making frac sand mining a condition of prohibited use in certain types of zoning ordinances
  • Voted to further restrict county ability to protect waters from being polluted
  • Voted to prohibit DNR review of high capacity wells when they are transferred, repaired or replaced, preventing periodic regular review of the well’s impact

Our Kids

Elizabeth Riley:

  • Believes public dollars should go to public schools. Period
  • Opposes the Walker administrations slash and burn policy on school funding
  • Supports maintaining strong standards for excellent teachers
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Her Opponent Has:

  • Voted to maintain the expansion of voucher schools
  • Voted against requiring background checks on teachers at voucher schools
  • Voted against increasing funding for public education even though it would have been tax-neutral

Our Future

Elizabeth Riley:

  • Supports the IRIS program so the elderly can remain at home rather than being forced into extended care
  • Supports a safety net so all Wisconsin residents can afford health care
  • Advocates for mental health care and will work to reduce stigma
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Her Opponent Has:

  • Voted to increase costs and create additional barriers for BadgerCare recipients
  • Voted against expanding the Assistance for Needy Veterans Program to cover mental health and substance abuse
  • Authored legislation to end life-saving research and decimate Wisconsin’s biotech industry jobs

Our Representative

Elizabeth Riley:

  • Will fight for equal pay for women
  • Will take a new approach to combating violence against women and children
  • Will absolutely fight for women to be able to make their own health care choice
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Her Opponent Has:

  • Voted to allow health care providers to deny contraceptive services based on personal beliefs
  • Voted to allow health care providers to deny services related to cervical cancer and breast cancer based on personal beliefs
  • Voted to cut Title X funding grants from going to Planned Parenthood which will reduce access to women’s health care for many – particularly rural – women.

Check out the Causes the Elizabeth Riley Fights For


Public Education

Help Elizabeth in her efforts to improve public education despite huge cuts to funding in recent years.


Environmental Issues

Until about 5 years ago, Wisconsin was a national leader in terms of protecting our beautiful state.


Health Care

Recent changes to Medicaid and the way Wisconsin chooses to accept Federal funding have left Wisconsin in a bad way.


Women's Issues

Wisconsin women are still only paid $.79 on the $1.00 for the same work as men.

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